QUOTEX ACADEMY: Training on our software

The e-learning training platform to develop your skills and experience with QDV7 software

QUOTEX simplifies your costing processes with its flagship QDV7 software that doubles your processing time, your agility and efficiency.

At QUOTEX we are fully aware that your priority is to focus on your core business, thus we do everything to facilitate your learning.

All about the QDV7 software

Gain in confidence

Increase your software proficiency

Test your knowledge

Quotex is Qualiopi certified.

Qualiopi aims to :

– Attest the quality of the process implemented by the partners of actions contributing to the development of skills.

– Allow a greater readability of the training offer to companies and users.

Develop your skills

Choose one of our online training courses according to your level and your needs.

Obtain a nominative certificate at the end of each of our online training courses. The courses consist of several lessons delivered in the form of a short video.

You can stop a course at any time and resume it where you have left off.

Expert trainers in the business

Quotex is a team of experts brought together to help you optimise your pre-sales processes as much as possible. Who better than an expert to help you master the multitude of possibilities that QDV offers you ?

Quotex Academy courses

QDV training

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Visual Components training

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