QDV for construction

QDV a cutting-edge costing software

Digitisation in full swing is often seen as a necessary evil within very small and medium-sized companies in the construction industry.

Often left to its own devices when it comes to the management of IT tools, management often selects the most general solutions, even if it means depriving itself of functionalities suited to their job.

Employees are quickly led to reuse standalone Excel files in order to make up for the inadequacies of the centralised software.

Aware of these limitations, QUOTEX has selected different tools, each excelling in their respective fields, in order to offer a coherent and scaleable set.

QUOTEX provides configuration, user training and maintenance support services.

The payback horizon for the investment is short and the hand-over is very quick.

A CRM to steer the business

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An expert quotation tool

Most of the CRMs on the market have basic quotation functionalities adapted to the world of negotiation.

Often, when dealing with complex quotations, the tendency is to revert to Excel to transfer data to the CRM. This practice is notorious for wasted effort through double entry of data and the proliferation of multiple versions of the truth.

In the context of calls for tenders, the DPGF cannot be integrated.

The link that we have set up between our CRM and QDV leverages the special costing functionalities and feeds back the key data from the quote to the CRM, thus facilitating follow-up and invoicing.

Data integrity

Thanks to subscriptions to databases such as BATIPRIX, TARIFEO or internal databases, the proposed system ensures data integrity and a single version of the truth.

About Quotex

Since 2011, Quotex has offered pre-sales software solutions (price studies, quotes, costing, 3D simulation) to companies in the construction, industrial and engineering sectors.