QDV for engineering

The QDV pricing software can allow engineering to size budgets for their clients.

The major drawback of commercial spreadsheet tools is that to anticipate a price over 10 or 20 years, you have to use very complex formulas for which no control is applied.

In QDV, the notions of cashflow, firming and inflation are managed natively and it is therefore not necessary to look for the Excel formulas that need to be set up.

In addition, everyone can manage the settings and adapt them from one project to another.

When several departments are involved in a project and have to collaborate, it is possible to manage individual files that allow consolidation in a few clicks without re-entering or losing data.

This delegation is even possible with subcontractors.

The Gantt Chart completes the functionality of QDV7 Ulitmate in order to follow the major steps of a project.

Engineering companies using QDV7 Ulitmate are in a wide variety of fields including construction, civil engineering, defense, aerospace, and industrial processes.