QDV: pricing software for manufacturing businesses

Are you a supplier of equipment for the food, chemical, plastics, engineering, or even electronic industry ?

The QDV tool is tailored for manufacturing businesses. It is of great benefit to companies working on turnkey solutions in fields such as robotics, specialised machinery, industrial automation and manufacturing processes.

Are you looking for a simpler and more efficient solution to manage your quotes and costings on a daily basis ?

As an industrial process solution provider, you may have already implemented ERP for scheduling, procurement and financial management.

As much as this tool was meant to generate quotes, you our pre-sales process is constrained by a lack flexibility.

You are forced to either revert to Excel and lose your interaction with the ERP or waste a lot of time with what you already have.


QDV drives the wheels of your pre-sales process !

As is the case in mechanics, a transmission coupling is often fitted between an engine and a gear-box providing controlled application of power.

QDV allows you to add flexibility to your pre-sales process by being integrated into your information system.

You will avoid double entries while benefiting from the flexibility of a quotation-dedicated a solution without the limitations of an ERP system.

QDV, a multi-currency tool for cost price and sale price

Export is essential for large and small manufacturers and it is not uncommon to have to source from outside the euro zone.

QDV is able to generate quotes integrating transactions denominated in different currencies. It can incorporate either prevailing exchange rates or specifically defined your exchange rates factoring currency risks.


Generate impactful commercial offers in double quick time

Using standard tools, including Office, you can do a pricing analysis on one hand and generate a sales proposal on the other.

QDV allows you to formulate the proposal as it is being costed. You benefit from the automatic generation of entire sections of your proposal and the merging of various documents, such as, a sales pitch adapted to each case, an organisation chart or technical sheets.

The proposal can even be generated in English, Spanish or German.

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